I would like to get better about posting throwback pictures on my social media sites. What better day than Thursday’s? Sometimes it’s nice to look back and remember doing a certain wedding or meeting a certain senior that is excited for her photoshoot. Looking back makes you realize how far you have come. I always like to see if anything has changed in my work or what styles have come and gone. Everyone should look back at how far they have come. I once dreamed of being asked to do makeup for photo shoots and weddings. I didn’t ever see it becoming a regular work week for me! I have come so far and learned so many lessons along the way. I am thankful for each and every client I have met.


Why hire Brush Hair + Makeup?

You just got engaged and are planning the biggest day of your life. You start to look at venues, dresses and photographers. Don’t wait to book your hair and makeup! I always say the biggest things you need to put first when planning and budgeting your wedding is venue, photographer and hair and makeup! When it all comes down to it no matter how your day went years from now you are going to look back at pictures and if your atmosphere, photography and makeup doesn’t look good then you got a problem sister! We want to remember it as the best day ever! You need to look fabulous no matter what, even if your best friends cousin just got a new makeup palette and she loves to dabble for free! Don’t do it! At Brush Hair + Makeup we are licensed and certified in what we do. We take weddings seriously. Our typical bride books us about a year out. We send her a questionnaire to fill out to learn more about her wedding style, what to expects and how many people are in her wedding party. We send a contract to have signed. Contracts are sometimes scary but this protects both of us. It makes sure you are getting exactly that you want! We find our if she wants us to travel to her or if she would like to come to our salon and use our space. We book a trial. Do you need a bridal trial? The answer is yes! You need to find the perfect look. While at your trial we discuss what to expect the day of and talk about the timeline we have planned together. The day of the wedding we show up as a team, do your hair and makeup while you and your friends enjoy a mimosa and smile for pretty pictures. Next thing you know you are gorgeous and its time to slip on your big gown. Just like that all of the pressure is off of you and you get to sit back, relax and take it all in.

Kristen Beck, Photo by Kelly Susan Photography